Level I Handbooks and Certification Exam Practice Quizzes (package)

$ 265.00

Test your knowledge before sitting for the BOC Certification Exam. Studying our BOC Level I handbooks (1001 - 1007) and completing our 8 online quizzes will help prepare you for the Exam. You must be a current BOC graduate or have been approved to sit for the certification exam in order to purchase this item. 

TERMS OF USE for purchase of BOC prep quizzes

o    You must be a BOC graduate or have completed a training program that meets eligibility requirements to sit for the certification exam.

o    You must not share content from this BOC Certification Exam Prep quiz with anyone else.

o    Your BOC credential may be revoked if it is determined that you have shared content from the BOC Certification Exam Prep with others.